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Apex Medical Device Design LLC. is a startup research-based company in the medical aesthetic field, based in Lynnwood, Washington. Apex is specialized in innovation in the breast implant design (shape) with a goal of improving aesthetic outcomes and safety in aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries.

Innovative breast implants must continuously be developed for various patients’ needs and desires, and as our patients became more sophisticated, the need for innovative breast implants is greater now than ever before.

Apex designed DefyGravity novel implant that meets scientific advancement and patient's expectations

Our Story

The story began six years ago, when Dr. Nedaa Al-Jasim's patient asked her, "I would like a full-volume, natural-looking upper breast following breast augmentation, I do not want a rounded implanted look, nor a subtle upper breast. What are my options?"

It was as if she planted a seed by her question – namely, can a new breast implant design improve over existing round and teardrop-shaped implants? and if so, how?

Why We are Different? 

The goal of breast augmentation and reconstruction is to enhance and reshape the breast.

The art and science of reshaping is based on anatomy and physics.

The DefyGravity™ patented design represents an advancement in physics, anatomy and patient safety and satisfaction.

While three decades of innovation has occurred in silicone technology to improve implant safety and performance, when it comes to anatomy and physics the breast implant industry has been working with round implants developed in the 1960s and teardrop-shaped implants from the 1990s.

DefyGravity™ is the THIRD implant shape option designed to improve upper breast fullness, overcomes implant wrinkling, provides ample cleavage aiming at reducing implant revision surgery as a result of patient dissatisfaction with post-operative breast shape.

Breast implant science evolves. This was true when round implants give way to ANATOMICAL implants, when smooth implants give way to TEXTURED implants.

Now, a smooth surfaced anatomical implant is in the horizon. US and international patent exclusivity is now available through 2036.

Current Breast Implant Aesthetic Complications 

Obviously rounded upper breast, with step-off deformity when the implant upper edge meets the chest wall.

Wide medial cleavage. 

Mature breast-look with volume concentration on the lower breast pole, that needs a push-up bra.

Visible wrinkling of the implant edges

DefyGravity is 1 Solution to 5 Problems

Anatomical and Scientific Basis of DefyGravityTM Innovation

1- Forming a Hypothesis Through Reasoning;

2-Revisiting Breast's Anatomy: Novel Insight on Breast Anatomy Pertinent to Breast Shape;

3- Design Inspiration: DefyGravity Design Inspired by Voluminous Young Perky Breast Shape: to understand the aesthetic issues in breast augmentation outcomes, one must appreciate the aesthetic secrets of nature's aesthetically pleasing biologic design.

1- Forming a Hypothesis Through Reasoning

Dr. Al-Jasim made astute observation and examining possibilities in order to reach her specific logical conclusion that: If a spherical breast implant design characterized by thick rounded edges (arrowed) underlies the aesthetic complications of improperly filled upper breast, visible and palpable implant edges, wrinkling and rippling, then the solution lies in a non-spherical implant design. 

We call this the “Round Edge” Hypothesis.

2- Revisiting Breast's Anatomy: Dr. Al-Jasim have a novel insight on breast anatomy pertinent to breast shape: describing the dimensions and configuration of the subcutaneous compartmentalized fatty tissue of the breast as a "breast pyramid".

3- A Design Inspired by Voluminous Young Perky Breast Shape: to understand the aesthetic issues in breast augmentation outcomes, one must appreciate the aesthetic secrets of nature's aesthetically pleasing biologic design.


Teardrop breast implant was designed to mimic "mature" breast, while DefyGravity design mimix "Young" breast. 




Finally, all the ideas that were uncovered were used to meet the advances in knowledge on breast anatomy and physics into precise design of breast implants, using our newly coined term, the breast pyramid, as a title for our competitive branded patented DefyGravity™ breast implant that will optimize women experience and satisfaction.

Apex Medical Device Design LLC.

Apex Medical Device Design LLC.

Apex Medical Device Design is a privately-owned startup company founded by Dr. Al, specialized in discovering and developing medical devices to provide a new pipeline products for breast implant manufacturing companies and other companies interested to enter this lucrative international market.

We are located in the beautiful Greater Seattle area


Apex LLC. Intellectual Property Law firms:

Apex IP lawyer firm is Meyer, Unkovic, and Scott IP Law Firm.

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Our Mission

Apex Medical Device Design LLC. is committed to bringing an economically feasible innovation model to close the existing functional and aesthetic gap in the current breast implant industry since it utilizes approved materials and procedures currently used in the manufacturing process to produce a new device for the high unmet need in the international market that significantly improve the functionality and the outcomes of current devices with improved safety profile

Apex Business Model 

Invent; Protect; Sell/License the IP

 As a startup company, we are focusing on the technology development and patenting to generate a pipeline product for the "Big Pharma"

DefyGravity breast implant invention has been developed to the stage where the U.S. patent is granted; the International Search Report allows our PCT claims; the PCT "National Phase" has been entered. The IP portfolio is now ready to be sold or licensed.

Meet DefyGravity Inventor

Dr. Al is a medical doctor with forty years of experience in family medicine and immunology, including 25 years dedicated to research and development.

  • Owner of multiple internationally and U.S. issued patents.
  • Strives to invents new methods and approaches to improve current medical devices and approaches.
  • Holder of an M.Sc. degree in immunology from Brunel University, London-UK, and an MD degree from the college of Medicine, Baghdad University-Iraq, and Executive Entrepreneur Certificate from Carnegie Mellon University - Qatar Campus (First Prize winner).
  • Grant recipient from Qatar Foundation for further research and development on asthma drugs.
  • Founder, owner and Manager of Apex Medical Device Design, LLC.
  • Hobbies include capturing beauty where it is unexpected.

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